Thursday, May 10, 2012

Due to a serious illness in my family and trying to help the nurses that Hospice
has blessed us with this will be my only post for this week and maybe next.
Hoping everyone is well.  Hugs, Pauline

Friday, May 4, 2012


Even though I was sick with the flu this week I managed to open up my laptop and log onto CL 
and find more stuff to I don't have enough to paint already right....
So I managed to pick myself up and go pick up....
another MIRROR and two more NIGHT STANDS

The MIRROR was only $20 and I just could not resist, it is a large oval one 
measuring a whopping 40x24... now you see why I forced myself to pop up :)
I have been looking for a MIRROR with a bow forever.....
I want a white one to place over my vanity but I don't know if I could 
bare to paint over this beautiful patina...
What are your thoughts ?


Don't you just LOVE them....
I LOVE the FRENCHYNESS about them
They do look pretty with my lamps on top of them
and it has been said to feel lucky if you find a pair ~
I don't know if I should leave them as they are or maybe paint
them a very light blue and white or just maybe shabby white....
What are your thoughts?

Maybe these finds should stay untouched......
Maybe I found some pieces that I don't have to paint....

I know I promised to post my mirrors this week and maybe 
start painting but catching this bug has really slowed me down but as I said

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Sunny Weekend 
I promise I will post all the mirrors next week 
and start my very first painting project.....

Luvnhugs, Pauline 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Be careful what you wish for.....

 OMG what is a girl to do, maybe stay off of CL....
I have a fireplace in my fam room but not in my living area
and I always wished I could find a way to create one 
so I said to myself "what about a faux fireplace"
~ I can surely create one.....
*Bought it last night...kind of threw stuff on there for the pic
What do you girls think of my find....?

 I am not too crazy about the factory embellishments but it can    ~ all be changed
It is solid wood so I thought that was a plus and it is Huge.....
I guess I should be careful what I Wish for....

Any ideas for the faux middle?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

~ The age of Perfection ~

My Son brought in these Roses for me last week and they just keep hanging on......
ahhh the age of Perfection ~

I think they are picture Perfect ~
just can't help but love it..

I hope everyone is having a Perfect weekend !

Luvnhugs, Pauline

Friday, April 27, 2012

~ OMG! ~

OMG don't you just love it when you walk into a Thrift Store and say OMG ! 
And you just know you gotta have it...
Forget about walking in, I noticed these beauties
 from the my parking spot
This window sits right by the parking lot and this is where they display the furniture donations for the day
As I peeked into the window
There they sat these two beautiful Syroco type, what I thought were just Mirrors 
 but they turned out to be Mirrors / Medicine Cabinets

OMG aren't they sooo Shabby yummy 

Drop by next week when I will post all my mirrors to be revamped  
I surely don't know why I am always blessed in finding such 
*~Beautiful Mirrors~*
 but I just love it!!.....

~ Going out of town this weekend for a long awaited
~ family visit  ~
Wishing everyone a Sunny Spring Weekend

Luvnhugs, Pauline

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Like a Thrift Store Around Here.... 

OMG it's like a Thrift Store around here ...
I think I could have opened a thrift store
I thought I sold at least half of what I owned last November on CL
Well let's just say here is the first bunch of stuff
I will attempt to Paint ... :)
Oh and the awesome Bench that was quite a find on CL
{It was created from a King size bed, it is over a whopping 7 ft.}

           The Chairs 
too many chairs....
Hmmm .... there may be more in the Garage

The Pots
I would like to attempt to paint these white and 
make them appear a little aged and peely....
now how do I do that....?
 I would like to maybe break an old Cherub pot that I have 
and some how attach Cherub faces to the sides :)

Ahhh the old Tea Cart 
What to do....?? It needs so much TLC
It was kept outside, not only is there 
warping but the wood has split here and
there....It is just so Shabby already maybe that's a good thing ?...
What Color should I paint it a
 Cottage Green 
       Shabby White ?....

So many Frames
I have too many frames of
different sizes and shapes
This is the only one that I have the 
itching to paint right now, besides the
old Large three oval shaped Syroco one 
that the mirror broke out of
I will post a picture of that one when I post the pictures of all
the Mirrors I want to try and 

And last but not least the old Fencing pieces
My hubby installed new fencing in the back yard
and saved a couple
of these for me
 to create something with....
any ideas?.....

Now if it would just stop raining....Maybe I could get started.... 
What happened I thought I lived in sunny California? .....
Looks like it's gonna be next week......

~Maybe it's a good day to take in a Thrift store hunt...
wait a minute.... 
maybe I'm already there...? :)

I'll post all the mirrors I am itching to revamp and embellish soon....
Until then have a great day....

Luvnhugs, Pauline :)

Let's hope the cats don't feel too lost around here.....


She looks a little lost in the picture frame, doesn't she..... :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 ~ Ohh The Shabbieness of it All... ~

Good Morning all, I am always up with the birds...
Wow I was hoping to Paint this week but the weather took a turn to cloudy and possible rain.....and of course lower temps.... What a switch from this weekend, with using the air conditioner and all  :) Oh well I think I will just start gathering some of my old finds {I have so many, it's like a thrift store around here..}  Later this week when I am all done I will post some pictures of maybe one fourth of my stuff.... lol    
                                             California where is the sun today? .....

Ooh about the photos, this is a lamp I was blessed to find on one of my thrift adventures....I listed her for sale on my etsy....but I think I am just going to keep this lovely and paint her white..... {do you think I should paint her?} I just love the rose garland she's holding.....but I am not to fond of the Goldness of it all... but love the Gesso, Puttiness about her.....and yes I always seem to find an inspiration photo from
 one of my favorite mags....that's why we purchase them ....right?
here it is....

I am soooo nervous about attempting to paint her....does anyone know what kind of paint works best on plaster? What are your thoughts..... I do think the rose garland on this statue looks pretty in white...oh how ~ I just love the Shabbieness of it all....~